Wills & probate

There are many reasons as to why making a Will is important, particularly to protect your assets and make sure they are inherited by those you wish to leave them too. If you have children who are unable to care for themselves, it is extremely important a Will is made to protect their interests. Also if you are co-habiting with your partner they will not automatically have the same rights to those that would arise if you were married to each other. If you wish for your partner to inherit all/part of your Estate, then necessary steps should be taken to allow this.

Purnells Solicitors provide services such as drafting basic Wills, and we can advise and assist in the administration of estates. We have found that clients have different circumstances and needs, and that the administration of an estate can require various steps to be undertaken so that a Grant of Representation may be obtained.

We at Purnells Solicitors can also assist when disputes arise in respect of a Will and we aim to offer advice and assistance with sensitivity and in line with the needs of the parties involved whilst keeping you informed of the legal fees that can arise in such contentious matters.

Under some circumstances allegations of fraud or negligence can arise in respect of a Will and we can consider such matters and provide advice. The law also provides for instances when a claim may be made against the estate of the deceased and we are happy to hear from you should you need advice in respect of this matter.

We are able to offer fixed fees legal costs for preparing and swearing Wills and provide you with legal advice you require to deal with such matters. When requested to assist in the administration of an estate once you have provided to us valuations of the estate and other relevant information we aim to offer a fixed fee to assist you wherever possible. This is based on the complexity of the estate.

  • Preparing and Swearing a Will
  • Amending a Will or making a Codicil
  • Administering an Estate (fixed fees will be offered for this work wherever possible, dependent on the details of the estate)
  • Applications for Probate
  • Contesting a Will / contentious probate involving Court
  • Claims made for financial provision under the terms of the Inheritance (Provisions for Family and Defendants) Act 1975

Taking steps to deal with the above matters can be confusing and complex, particularly when dealing with a loved one’s Estate and wishes. We act with sensitivity and undertake the legal procedures efficiently, whilst providing you with clear information throughout. 

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